Truck Glass

Galleria Auto Glass replaces all windshield in most heavy duty trucks windshield is cracked, it should be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants.

Galleria Auto Glass offers a complete auto glass product line for all Vhicle Maks & models and and commercial trucks & vans including windshields, side window glass, and mirrors for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, tractors, buses and RVs.Galleria Auto Glass backs the work with 2 years replacement guarantee if you have leaks.Galleria Auto Glass handles the insurance filing for you and works directly with all major insurance carriers.Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) quality windshield glass is installed or quality after market. Galleria Auto Glass prefers OEM windshields because they are produced at the same factories that the automakers use.Galleria Auto Glass supports the only standards for windshield replacement in the U.S., the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS).

At Galleria Auto Glasswe understand that whether you have a new or old vehicle, safety is paramount. We all rely on our cars to transport us and our loved ones on a daily basis. Taking this into account we at Galleria Auto Glassstrive to provide the highest quality windshield Or Door Glass Or Any type of Auto Glass repair and replacement services available. Our main goal is to get you and your vehicle back on the road safely and quickly.

How to Replace a Windshield

When a windshield can’t be repaired the only alternative is to replace the cracked windshield with a new one. At Galleria Auto Glasswhen we replace your windshield, our Certified Technicians follow the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) to make sure your vehicle is as safe as when it left the factory.

Here are the steps that will be followed:
  • The certified technician will explain in detail the service being performed.
  • The technician will perform a pre inspection to verify the vehicle is undamaged.
  • The technician will remove your rearview mirror as well as other attachments to the glass like your EZPASS, State inspection sticker, parking sticker or other options.
  • Completely and safely remove the old windshield.
  • Remove the old adhesive down to 1/8”. It is critical that the old adhesive be removed and new sealant used to install your new windshield. Some companies may try to cut corners and reuse the old adhesive but this creates serious safety issues and violates the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. We use only OEM approved polyurethane adhesives, primers and activators to safely install your new windshield
  • If necessary, vacuum any broken glass from the vehicle.
  • The technician will reattach rearview mirror, inspection sticker or any other items that were previously removed.
  • The technician will inspect the installation of the new windshield and make sure it meets the Galleria Auto Glassstandards.
  • The technician will inform you of the Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT) and other precautions to take with your new windshield. This is an important step that makes sure the polyurethane adhesive has set fully and your vehicle is safe to drive.