Auto Sunroof Replacement

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Quality Auto Sunroof Replacements at Lowest Prices. Guaranteed Auto Sunroof Replacement for ALL Vehicles

Auto Sunroof Replacement. Quality auto sunroof replacements and installation by the experts. Call us today at 832-217-0430 and we will give you $100 discount on brand new auto sunroof. We guarantee lowest prices in Houston on all auto sunroofs.

With over 50 years experience in Houston auto sunroof replacement, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our workmanship. And we will give a full two-year workmanship warranty to prove it.

At Galleria Glass, we replace all auto sunroofs for all cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and motor homes, no matter the make and model. We are familiar with the sunroof of your vehicle having worked on so many of them over the years. Call us today and we guarantee you will not receive a lower quote than the one we will give you.

Sunroofs Add Value to your Vehicle

That is correct. Auto sunroofs increase the resale value of your vehicle. In Houston, Texas and surrounding cities, it is no secret that most people love vehicles with sunroofs. Let the experts at Galleria Auto Glass install and replace your auto sunroof today. Call us at 832-217-0430 and our auto sunroof installation and replacement specialists will gladly explain the process of adding or replacing your auto sunroof. Even if your vehicle does not currently have sunroof, our experts can add one for you. Call us now at 832-217-0430.

Our Auto Sunroof Replacement Services include:
  • We Replace Broken Auto Sunroof Glass
  • We Replace all Auto Sunroof Motors
  • We Align Sunroof Glass Assembly
  • We Replace Sunroof Track Assembly
  • We Replace or Recover Sunroof Sunshades
  • We Replace Headliners or Recover Your Original Headliner
  • We Replace Auto Sunroof Switches
  • Trouble Shooting and Diagnosing Any Sunroof Problems for Your Vehicle
  • We Install Original Factory Sunroof and Moonroof Parts
  • We Install After-Market Sunroof and Moonroof Parts
  • We Replace or Repair Clogged Sunroof Hoses
  • We Service Sunroof Assembly’s
  • Call us today at 832-217-0430. Get $100 discount on new Auto Sunroof Replacement