Outstanding Work/ Better than before!: These Guys are professionals that made me feel like my car was their own vehicle they were repairing. I didn’t have to make any calls they handled all aspects of my claim. When I got my car back all my valuables were still in the vehicle not to mention my benz looked amazing! It looked show room! Thanks, Sava to you and your staff for a smooth experience.


Very Happy With Repairs And Service After being rear-ended, I brought my Mercedes to Auto Body and the repairs they performed on the vehicle brought it back to showroom quality. The shop has a customer friendly set up, and the staff is extremely courteous. I highly, highly recommend this autobody shop! They did great work!

Mary Li

Great Body Work I side-swiped my minivan as I was getting out of a driveway. The paint on the door was peeling, it started rusting, and there were deep scratch marks. A friend of my mine recommended me to bring my car to Reny at AutoBody Collision on Richmond Ave to have it repaired and they did a great job to bring back even better .. thanks so much

Tammy D

The only business that truly understood what customer service is. Reny and only Reny at AutoBody Garage was very professional and informative. Not only do they give you 110% service. But they were able to make the impossible happen for me in regards to help with dealing with my insurance company, getting ALL of the work done that I needed and than some AND! was able to get me back on the road at the time that I needed to be. I only wish there was another location in Los angles as well. I would definitely recommend them as the ONLY body shop you should take your car to. They also do great work and stand by they quality. Don’t bother dealing with the “insurance” recommended body shops. As far as I am concerned if you want something done right and in a timely manner. Auto Body Garage are the ones to go to.

By Ironjob

Reny at autobody collision center did a great job on my car and the price was reasonable, something I could work with.

By Jacquon


By Aerial

I used their service to repair some damage on the bumper and fenders.Reasonable price, on time delivery and above all, quality of work. Two thumbs up.

By Yuanyuan

I Love the Work that is done and will always be a return customer…

By TerranM

The story of a skeptic.

I bought a salvage title vehicle, a very cute Civic Si, although I was very hesitant to do so. The price I negotiated was just too good to pass on. When I got the car, I took it to a few places and had the frame checked. It checked out and the car drove great! However, it became apparent that cosmetically, the dealer had cut corners. The visor was tacked on with glue and ended up falling into my lap. The headlights were horribly aimed. The front bumper should have been replaced but they bonded it; did not take long for the bumper to slip and start creating paint chips all around the headlights. The seatbelt did not work, etc. Then I complicated things by bashing the back quarter panel backing out of a tight spot with a telephone pole. New bumper, repaint the quarter panel, might as well repaint the whole car and pick something other than flat black.

So off I went to get quotes to make my car truly beautiful and up to Tara standards. I am quite OCD when it comes to my hard earned money, so I had 8 quotes already as I was driving home and decided to stop at Autobody Collision Center. What is one more quote? When he told me the price to fix everything, I did not know what to do. I was in shock. I was highly skepitcal. I wanted to ask, what is wrong with your paint? But the warranty on it was the same as everywhere else. So I said, okay, when do we start? When I called my parents to tell them my car was being beautified, they were surprised. I had not planned to do the repairs for at least six months while I saved up for it. When I told them the price, they were a little skeptical too. I shrugged it off. With everything I was getting done, it had to be better than it was….

Reny and the others who work with him are an absolute joy to do business with! They did EVERYTHING I requested. The black, sapphire metallic paint I selected is exactly perfect for me! A hint of blue, a hint of zazz without being overdone. I was ecstatic! The car looked brand new. The visor worked as it should. The pinstriping, logos and emblems were all replaced. I was proud to drive my car again! But it did not end there….

Not even three days later, someone scratched my bumper. Grrrrr. I mean come on! Let me enjoy for at least a week! So I took it back in to find out what they would charge to “fix it right.” Reny felt so bad about my luck, that he told me I had enough work done that it was on the house. I was shocked but extremely thankful.

I had the car repaired late last year. Over 9 months later, it is as beautiful as it was the day I picked it up. The paint has not chipped anywhere nor has it faded and I do not garage the car often. I really could not be more pleased. They have the gold star approval from me and my unreserved recommendation. I am almost ready for my next maintenance package, and I know exactly where I am taking her to get it done….


P.S. Reny, if you ever get a request for references, feel free to give my contact information.

By Blue N Buburn

AutoBody Collision Center on Richmond Ave Great work on my Chrysler 300 …. thanks

By MarcusS

I went to Autobody Collision Center with two chips in the pain in the front of my car. Reny had his staff patch it up and then in addition, he buffed out a series of long scratches along the side of my car from when I had a run-in with a grocery cart as well as all the little scratches I had in the handle areas of all four doors – and the kicker – he did all this work for free and in around 30 minutes. The last time a company did anything for free was – well – never! Thank you Reny for your kind help and your wonderful, friendly staff!!

By Daniella

Great, honest guys! My company has been working with them for years and they do great work. Speak to Reny. +++++

By Mary

we hod a storm overnight and when i saw my car the next morning i wanted to cry! so i took it to the shop they told me not to worry and they werent kidding my car looked brand new reny paid for the loaner car ..thanks so much

By Rose

Went to the auto body collision center today, they provide excellent service for very cheap fares. The staff was very friendly and very efficient too. I highly recommend this place to all my friends!

By Madiha

I was in a very serious, stressful accident and I’d already had enough on my plate without having the added stress of finding a good mechanic to fix my severely damaged car. I was very impressed with the reviews I’d read on yahoo and decided to give this company a try. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

From the beginning, Reny was very caring and compassionate and that was just over the phone. When I arrived he was very kind and understanding and took the time to answer all of my questions. He even picked me up and took me to get my rental car when I didn’t have any transportation. Not to mention the fact that he fixed my mom’s dangling side rear-view mirror for free!!! It is so refreshing to see that great customer service still exists in an increasingly customer service-less world. And Reny really takes great customer service to the next level!

Not only do I have a new mechanic, but I feel like I’ve made a new friend. He’ll always have my business and I recommend him to all my friends and family for their auto repair needs. Reny made what is normally a very stressful situation into a smooth and stress-free experience. My car had substantial damage that is now undetectable. I am so thankful to Reny and his wonderful service team and my car looks and drives great!



By Michey

Definitely would do business again.. Reny was great and had me in and out in 1 day… I would tell my friends and relatives if they ever need any body work done.. Great job. Thanks again…

Hey Reny I introduced my uncle Hsu, he had minor fender and bumper damage on his old lexus es.., he will be paying you a visit..Please give him a good deal and do a good job like u always do.. You remember me right–Chen with 2007 odyssey.thanks..

By Rx7tt

Remy is a good person to deal with and I have excellence experience for great customer services scales, always helpful in a bad time, I took my car several time and he was doing a great job, Highly recommended.

By Fathy

I really enjoyed working with Reny and his crew. They gave me a ride and fixed my bumper damage in just one day. Plus, they even found some additional damage while working and fixed it for free! You can’t beat their service and professionalism.

By Rtkhouston

I am very pleased about my experience with Autobody Collision Center. The workmanship is excellent, and the service is even better. I will recommend to everyone. Autobody Collision Center has gained my trust for all future repairs.

By Shane Shaban

What a blessing to find this shop and Reny who treated me with such curtesy. I was in and out in just 15 minutes with a complimentary quick fix. Thanks again for your kindness!!!!

By Erica

Reny gave me a great price on replacing a mirror and bumper on my 2007 F350 Kings Ranch. All the work was completed in a timely manner and the work was outstanding. If you need excellent work at a great price Collision Center and Reny is the place to go see.

By GypsyAir

I was very pleased with the work that was done on my car from the moment I walked in I was helped immediately actually reny went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy thanks a bunch you guys

By shannon

They were very nice to me. Reny helped me allot. I had financial problems and he was a very nice guy and tries to reason with me on how to pay for it. Especially when all the stores were closed on Labor Day and his store was the only one opened. God Bless Him and his family! I would defiantly go here again.

By Ushar

Wonderful job by Reny and staff in a timely manner. It saves me lots of money to get my car fixed.


I stopped by Autobody Collision Center by chance while driving down Richmond. I was greeted at the front door by Reny, who was extremely friendly and personable. My 2007 Camry, which has 131,000 miles and had sustained severe back bumper damage, looks brand new, and I could not be happier with the work that was performed. I highly recommend Autobody Collision Center for all of your body shop needs.

By CraigH

Easy in and Easy Out. It was really GREAT working with Autobody Collision Center. We needed our truck complete in a very short window and Reny and the crew went all out for us.

Thank you so much.


By Shauna

Exceptional service. A joy to do business with. The vehicle was ready when they said it was ready. No problems what so ever.

Would do business with Auto Body Collision again.

By C-Dub

I had a dent on my right hand passenger seat door, and on my way from work, I saw the Autobody Collision Center. I decided to drop by and ask for a quote, and Reny gave me an awesome quote that I couldn’t refuse. I dropped off my car that same day, and he was very informative throughout the process. They did excellent work and even touched up my bumper for free.

By ATrillionaire A

Fast and excellent service on my Toyota Camry.I had a fender bender and tried different places,Reny gave me the lowest quote and did a great job.I would definitely recommend this place for body repairs.

By Ram

At AutoBody collision center I experienced great customer service. Car window was broken Reny gave very good price and very good customer service. Car was fixed in reasonable time. Great business will do again.

Jasmine- Houston, Tx

By Jasmin

I had incredible service when I brought my car to Autobody Collision Center. I got my windshield replaced quickly, and they really paid close attention to getting it just right. The price was extremely reasonable. I will be sure to bring my car back in the future.

By Mallory

I had a great experience with Autobody Collision Center. They were friendly, fast and saved me about $450 on my window compared to the dealership’s quote. Thanks!


By Jacki

I was involved in an automobile accident, and was referred to reny AutoBody Collision on Richmond Ave by my insurance company. They did a beautiful job restoring my car to its original beauty AND they did it within the estimated time frame of one week! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Thanks reny.


By Patricks

I couldn’€™t recognize my car!! It was an awesome job from the collision aid team. i would definitely recommend anyone to come and check this place. Guess what the price that you pay for the work is very less. Overall it was an awesome experience and reny is really friendly and helpful. I would rate their customer service 5 out of 5.

By srinivas pola

Autobody Collision Center did a phenomenal job repairing my Hyundai Sonata. Someone backed up into the car at my apartment complex and completely destroyed the front fender. The car is brand new, and Autobody did a spectacular job making it look like it was new again. They matched the paint identically and you couldn’t even tell it had been hit. They even offered to fix another dent in the car for free! When it comes to price, no other collision center could come close to matching their quote. For something that would have easily cost me $1500-2000 dollars at a manufacturer, I only paid a 1/3 of that cost. Not only that, but I was given an initial quote and that never wavered. This is a shop where you don’t feel like they are trying to rob you. If you have any damages to your car and want it repaired, bring it to Autobody Collision Center. They will take care of you.

By Kevin – 2009 Sonata

The work that was done on my vehicle was GREAT!! The customer service was EXCELLENT!! They took really good care of me and I thank Reny for everything!!

By Ms. Alisha

Autobody Collision Center gave me a low price quote and quality finished body work. I highly recommend them.

By merc owner

I woke up and my car window was broken into. Autobody collision called me back A.S.A.P and gave me a fair price and got me in and out with the repairs I needed on my car. Reny gave me great customer service and fixed everything like it was brand new.

By Jackie

I am so blessed to have been lead to Autobody Collision Center. Reny is the owner and I am a single mom and can get taken advantage of, He was very kind and made me feel comfortable the work was efficient and done very well. I will be sending others here for sure.

By tkaiser0707

Reny got right on the job with no hassle. I really appreciate it and can see myself doing future business with him. I will always refer everyone here. Thanks alot.

By James

Quick and very accurate service. Affordable and very customer friendly. Recommend them to anyone. Reny does a great job.

By yellaboi_zeek

I just want to say that Reny and his worker at AutoBody Collision did a great job on my car. They did a wonderful job on my car and I got my car one day early by the way this is 2nd time I did fix my car in one year at AutoBody Collision. I am happy with the work that was done on my car. Call reny and he will take care of any issue with your car.

Alf Bloor

by amckean

Fantastic job. Fast, honest, great value. Kept word on price. Best price available. I asked a ton of questions about the type of repairs that would be done to my vehicle. He wrote and estimate and it was perfectly fair, I agreed with everything he wrote, and I have written hundreds of auto damage estimates! Thanks Reny

By bloor54

Excellent work, hassle free, prompt, and communicative. Have used AutoBody for two jobs, and they are top-notch, Thanks for the great work Reny is a great manger with excellent customer service…..

By Avi

The service was excellent, Reny @ AutoBody Collision was the only guy to answer his phone at 6:30 in the morning, and I got answer machines from everybody else. This was also the cheapest price in town. I will be going back for all body work and auto care problems.

By j_zapata_99

I had a football-size dent in my trunk due to my car being backed into in a parking lot. I took it to AutoBody Collision Center after getting two others quotes (one being 92% higher and the other 142% higher!!) Furthermore, the others wanted three days to do the work while AutoBody did it in a day and a half. This is one of the best values that I have ever received in my 65 years – not just as pertains to automobile-related expenditures but for every variety of expenditures.

By markhay47

I was so impressed with the service here. Reny was so nice to work with. His prices were extremely reasonable and the work that was done was fantastic! I would recommend this shop to anyone who needed body work done! When you find great service like this, you have to let people know about it!

By mlorenzdriscol

Reny is a great man! I got really good service. They took no time at all to fix my car and he didn’t even make me pay a deductible! (Which was $500 dollars I got to keep in my pocket) I would HIGHLY recommend this place for anyone that needs work on their car! Don’t take your car anywhere else… seriously this is the best place to take your car if you’re trying to pay little to nothing! Thanks Mr. Reny!

By DanielleI

I am new to Houston. I called around after reading some reviews online. This shop’s owner was willing to come take a look at my car, help me drive it to his shop and then, assured me that he could definitely work with me and the insurance company so that I would not pay over the amount of my deductible since it had been some time and the accident occurred in another state. I was very impressed how quickly he fixed the front end damage, repaired the light and polished the front of the car thanks Reny Thanks AutoBody Collision for the great work on my vehicle.

By jason

Good, friendly, efficient service for a great price. Reny is good. Come see him.

By Davis

Good service, nice products, excellent customer service!!! I went to 3 other shops this was by far the cheapest. Reny was great at making you feel comfortable.

By jasonclaus

My old Toyota Celica never looked so good! Autobody Collision did a fantastic job – when I took it in this weekend for an inspection, the guy complimented me on the car. Even asked if I wanted to sell it. Excellent customer service – Reny even gave me a lift back to my house (which was NOT close) after I dropped the car off. Highly recommend.

By Nancy

Reny at Autobody Collision Center has done a great job with my car. He is accessible, attentive, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. He quoted a much lower rate than the dealership and provided excellent service. Thanks Reny!

By what1name1isnt1taken

The service was great, very nice, well mannered, and they got the job done right!

By luis

After calling around and getting prices, Autobody had the best price by a decent margin. My passenger side window had been busted out. The customer service is excellent, Remy was such a great help. I was in and out within an hour. I would highly recommend getting work done here.

By Mary Ann

I had a fantastic experience with the entire team at Autobody Collision Center. Reny was more than helpful and was willing to do everything he could to make sure the repair process went as convenient as possible for me. I would highly recommend using the services of this repair facility!

By Not Recommended!

After getting estimates at 3 other body shops, we went to Autobody Collision Center. Their estimate was much better than the competition. The work was completed on time with high quality. I strongly recommend using this shop for all your auto repairs.

By dave

This was the second time I have come to this AutoBody Collision & see Reny and I am very happy with the quality of work they perform the quality of matching the exact paint is amazing!!! The best thing is that they have excellent customer service, Reny I believe is the manager excellent people skills, explain in detail, the most convenient thing is that they call the car rental place and they come to pick me up, which by the way is called enterprise they are wonderful too, I am very satisfied and would recommend everyone to get their cars repaired here. Thank you Reny I love!!

By Andrew

I recently stopped by Autobody Collision just looking for estimates on buffing my 2006 Nissan Sentara. Every place I had stopped by before gave me outrageous quote amounts for the front bumper as well as trying to quote on things that were unnecessary. It was an extremely frustrating and tedious process, but once I walked into this shop it was different from any other. I have never met such an honest shop owner who actually truly cares about his clients. He was more concerned with fixing your car right then making an extra dollar. He immediately set my worries at ease and notated to me that I do not even need to pay to buff since it was so small he would just take care of it at no cost. He then proceeded to show me proper care of my car in regards to checking fluids and tire pressure. As a single woman this information is vital knowledge. I left with a smile and satisfaction and a deep love for Reny and his shop. I highly recommend this shop for all your Autobody needs, trust when I say you need not go anywhere else again!

By jasmine

That’s the place to go; not only for the price will you be able to find, the service is very unusual for a glass or car shop repair. I was surprised because they also have painted and bodywork repair. The place is small, like familiar but, the service are fast and the detail very satisfactory. Place to recommend.

By Hector

Good service, quick, inexpensive, knowledgeable, and polite.. will use in the future.

By George

Service was great…fast and the most reasonable of four comparison collision centers that I checked… I would recommend that you contact Sava anytime that you need any type of auto repairs…

Guaranteed that you be 100 percent satisfied with his service….

By Mike S

Great service and great prices. Great price for the excellent service. Very responsive and personable. Cares for the cars and more importantly, the people. Quick turnaround time and great work.

By Quyen Le

Very genuine individuals. The manager Sava knows about the business (30 plus years). The price compared to other competitors is just the best. I will recommend them any time. The service is very timely. AutoBody Collision Center 832-217-0430, you won’t regret it!

By marley52

My father is in the car business and has sent me too many places for discounts on services and automobile needs. The feeling I received from this place is irreplaceable and I advise any and everyone to choose this top notch customer service. I called with a broken window from a burglary at 7am on Saturday. I got a voice message which due to store hours, which led me to keep looking around for another place to get the window fixed since I CHOSE NOT TO LEAVE A MESSAGE. While I was filling out a police report with the cops, I got a call….it was Reny from Autobody Collision. Nonetheless, I was already given a price from another dealership to repair. Autobody Collision gave me a price that saved me $300. In route, Reny, the store manager guided me in the entire way since it was my first time. From there, my experience in that store took my mind far away from the stress of having my vehicle vandalized. So much that I forgot I was in a store. Reny gave me Green Tea and fed me lunch out of the kindness of his heart. Out of every negative, there lies something positive. Autobody Collision is 100% a Houston based business to be proud of the auto industry. I will no longer look for any other auto place. Thanks Reny cold drink and lunch.

By MoCity

Great service. Very fast and amazing customer service. Would def recommend!

By Josh

Excellent Service! Excellent price! Had me in and out of there in an hour. Would reccommend them to ANYONE!

By evin

GREAT SERVICE, when you need a car fixed- trusting someone is the most important element. I would pay a higher price to get something fixed if i trusted someone- it just so happens that the Autobody Collision Center had the cheapest price in town, the fastest service and high quality- This is the place for me


My visit at Autobody Collision Center was great some of the best service I’ve had. Reny the owner gave me a great price as well as customer service. I shopped around but this was the best. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. # 1 Body shop in Houston

By Jalesa

Autobody Collision did a great job on my tint! Shopped around, compared prices. Reny the owner had really good professionalism.

By Jason

Great, honest guys! I had been working with them for years and they do great work. Speak to reny

By ashaly

I had a wonderful experience despite having to go thru an accident .Reny and his staff made the process painless & hassle free. Reny is great & the staff was very helpful took care of all my paperwork & even called in a claim & made sure there was a car rental company there waiting to pick me up. Overall they were very efficient the vehicle was ready when they said it would be I would recommend there services to anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation.

By omar

Es la segundA VEZ K ARREGLO mi auto en este lugar, y estoy realmente satisfecho de la atencion de su gente y en especial de el dueño.

Recomiendo este shop.


By omar

Great work: Sava did a great job on my car in a timely fashion. I didn’t any surprises at the end and will go back in the future.

By alex

Fast, efficient and friendly service. Very competitive pricing. Great paint repair job on my vehicle. Highly recommended.


By Stewart

Thanks for all your help! Great work. Great price!

By Angela

I took in my BMW 335i for some bumper repairs. Not only is the work amazing, but the customer service is by far the best in town. Reny and his team were extremely gracious and helpful, even staying late to accomodate my schedule. Reny also went out of his way to drop me back off at home so I wouldn’t have to inconvenience anyone for a ride. No outrageous estimates or week-long repairs…just quality work at discount prices.


Great service, owner does his best to provide a positive experience. Repaired and painted my Lexus RX 400h in a very timely manner. Will return to Autobody Collision Center for further auto body issues.

By matt-lexus-rx400h

Took my car to get the glass replaced, i had a great experiance with fast service and a great price.

By jeff

I was very satisfied with the service. They worked with my budget and finished at the promised time. My car window was broken into and they definitely made the experience less stressful. Thank you Sava

By katherine

I took my car in and the service was great. I was treated nice and the the job was completed swiftly. I recommend others to come in and get great service.

By chuckt

I took my car in to Reny at Autobody Collision and he gave me a real good deal on fixing my 2008 Impala. Someone broke into my car and damaged the left side driver door and his staff fixed it and had it looking brand new again. I went to three other shops and they were trying to charge me a lot of money but he saw the damaged and gave me a low estimate and did a hell of a job on my car. I would refer any of my friends to Autobody Collision if they need any work done. I would like to thank Reny and his staff for all of the outstanding work they’ve done to my car.

By Antione

Reny at AutoBody collision did a great job on my Honda accord. He painted the passenger door for me and it matched perfectly… He also put the pin stripping on it for me at no extra charge. This is a professional outfit that I will visit again…

Scott Haines

By Highnote

This the best place for repair of nay kind of auto body work. Its good service with cheaper rates…!!.. Someone broke my auto glass today morning and when I called to this place (Reny) and they fix the glass within few hours… I recommend this place for auto service.


The service was quick and also they give you a great discount if you are a student. A++++. The front desk guy is very respectful and is always willing to help you with whatever you need.

By Ivanildo

Very good service, prompt and friendly. Good and competitive rates too. Call Reny once you are there. Very good service from him.

By Avra

Dropped my Honda for some left door repair. They did a very impressive job. I was very pleased with the result. I got my car returned to me on the day it was promised.

By Faizan

I am happy to review Autobody collision center’s service and I am very pleased with the friendly and courteous service that I received from their staff. The estimate I was given to repair and paint my bashed front fender on my Hyundai elantra was very considerate and affordable. I will not hesitate to recommend their body and paint service to anyone who needs such service in the Houston area. I will always come back here for any repairs on my car now and in the future. Well done Autobody collision centre I give them an excellent rating.

By teddy

I brought my Honda in for some work and they did an outstanding job. The got to me right away kept in touch with me to make sure I was happy with the service. Reny the owner went above and beyond in making sure everything was done fast. I highly recommend going there for auto body work!!

By Jonathan

I dropped off my Red Bmw for a damaged front fender, I am so happy it was returned to me washed and vacuumed ready to be driven again. Thanks, AutoBody Collision, Romero

By Romero

When I got into the accident I looked at my car and said…” This car is wrecked, can it be fixed?” When I got my car back from AutoBody Collision, it looked like I was just picking up my 2006 Toyota Corolla, from the Toyota dealership. Reny and his staff not only do they provide you with such experience and quality work, they treat you like family…they take care of you.

“When it comes to experience and quality, AUTOBODY COLLISION & RENY is the place!”

By Jean

Great place!!! 5 Star treatments…. The owner Reny insured that everything was taken care of and all questions answered. Will recommend others friends to come here… Thanks for the great work……

By dsmoothone

I was happy with the quality of work and have used Autobody Collision Center as a repeat customer. Their price was better than the other estimates I got. The owner Reny worked with me and went out of his way to provide good customer service. He even gave me a ride home and I would really recommend using him and plan to do so with future collision repair needs.

By Beau

It was a pleasure coming here, I would refer everyone who needs repairs and speak with Reny, and he has excellent customer service hospitality.

By Darren

I called Reny and he was very helpful on the phone. They had the side view mirror I needed and I was in and out in on time. I must say this kind of service I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for great service. THANK YOU!!!!!

By BrilliantBlackDude

Perfect service. Sava gave me the lowest quote by far (coolest guy you’ll ever meet). Service was fast, and you can’t even tell I was in an accident. They even picked me up when my truck was ready, and they washed it!

By Walt

Had the side view mirrors on my 2001 Chevy cavalier matched to the silver OEM paint job was the stock black that the mirrors came in. Sava and his team did an awesome job on the mirrors, were quick and courteous, and treated me like I was one of their own. I would definitely recommend AutoBody collision to ANY BODY that needs any work done to their vehicle. Definitely a first rate body shop!!!!

By proracer11

I backed my wife’s car into a brick wall and damaged the rear bumper. I took it to Autobody Collision Center and they fixed it where it looked brand new and they did it very swiftly and at the price we had agreed on. They also buffed her car and made the entire paint job, which was three years old, shine like a new paint job.


My husband went in for the door handle on our truck, and it was fixed right away. Very pleased with the service we now need a locksmith for the lock cylinder, but they stated for us to come back once we get that done and they will put the lock back in for FREE!!!

Pompt and courteous service.!! We will surely be going back!

By igir.conservative

Reny fixed a problem that I had with my car and along with that he did a free scan and fixed other problems free of charge and was very courteous and did a great job on my car, very impressive with the results and greet customers and I Have told all my friends and they all come here to get their cars fixed a well. We love this place

By Lamor

I have good experience with the people at the company and they work very good and they even charged me cheap and they didn’t charge me extra after they told me that it was another problem i advise everyone to come here if you any car problems thank you reny , Tireo Hammond & family

By Tireo Hammond


By jackie

I was very glad that we found this place to take my car! First off I was amazed at the way they greeted me and made it their point to take care of everything that I needed done on my car! To my surprise when I came back to get my car it was washed!!! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for good service and good business.

By Shelley

Excellent Service.Lowest quote. I checked with 5 different places but nobody could beat the quote I got here. I had a small dent on the door and they fixed it very well and painted it very clean. I couldn’t even identify that there was work done on that. I was much satisfied with the place and also went second time from one more small scratch I had on the bumper. The owner of the place was very polite and receives everyone very very nicely. I would recommend getting the quote here first for any kind of collision and painting works before you go somewhere else. I am very satisfied with their work.

By murthy koppu

Very professional: I brought in my car after I got into an accident. To my surprise, the car came back to me better then new. Sava was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me a very good price. Was fast and real good customer service. Thanks

By murthy koppu

I dropped off my Red Celica for a damaged front fender on the Monday and they called me back on the Wednesday to tell me to come pick it up, you would never have know their had been any damage, I am so happy it was returned to me washed and vacuumed ready to be driven again. Thanks, AutoBody Collision , Thanks reny

By Bsma

hank your for all the hard work that u have done on my car it has been greatly appreciated, i will highly recommend the autobody collision center, quianna

By quianna

This is a great body shop to take your car to… Reny did a real nice work in my car and was real quick Real good price great customer service… Dabney

By Mr. Dabney

This is an Class A Autobody Repair shop with excellent service. The manager Reny was very professional, upfront and honest and did everything he could to make our experience affordable. Our car looks brand new! Highly recommended!

By Chris

I took my sonata to Autobody and from start to end I was treated like family. I got my bumper replaced for 300 dollars less than what other places were quoting me. The owner dropped me off at home when I brought the car in and offered to pick me up when it was finished. I am going to go back in the future for any work I need done becuse help like that is not easy to find these days.

By Marvin

I live in Pearland, and got many quotes that were OUTRAGEOUS. All I wanted was my hood painted. Auto Collision Center gave me a quote for over half of what the other body shops had quoted me. Needless to say I drove from Pearland and dropped my car off. They had my car completed and ready to go within 72 hours. The quality was UN BELIEVABLE!!! Thet used the highest grade paint, at a discounted price. They also can restore your head & tailights if they are scratched or dengy, they both looked bradn new. My car is a 2003, and it looked just the same as when I first drove it off of the lot in 2003. I am in the customer service business, and I am telling anyone who reads this, this is the place to take you car, truck, etc. if you need body work or paint. One final note, the whole staff is VERY friendly. This body shop is worth the drive no matter where you live!!!


I want to you so much for your diligent hard work, dedication, and extra man hours spent on making my truck look brand new. You did an awesome job and all your sacrifices are greatly appreciated. Again, I applaud you, I thank you, I am forever grateful for your endless generosity.With much gratitude

By shermantperry

I was in a rush at the Hobby airport parking when I scraped the front of my car while parking. I came here to get the damage repaired. They did an excellent job at such a reasonable rate, honest businesses are difficult to come by these days. I would recommend this place to everybody.

By rozanah7878

This place is great! I broke the front bumper on my mitsubishi eclipse and many auto shops I checked were charging me over six hundred bucks. Not only did this place charge me a great, affordable price to replace the bumper, their work is outstanding. The paint job was accurate and it was only in the shop for a day. These guys are amazing.

By Alberto

I recently had my car fixed there. They gave me a good estimate and the service was great. The color matched perfectly and it only took a couple days to fix.

By Eric