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Discount Auto Sunroof Installation. 100% Guarantee on ALL Auto Sunroof Installation and Repair. $100 Discount on New Auto Sunroof Installation

Auto Sunroof Installation and Repair by Houston auto sunroof specialist, Galleria Glass. We have over 50 years of experience in auto sunroof installation and repair. $100 discount today on new auto sunroof and installation. We guarantee you will not find a lower price in Houston on new auto sunroofs and installation. Call us at 832-217-0430 and see how much we can save you.

New Webasco Auto Sunroofs Available

  • Full Feature Deluxe Inbuilt Auto Sunroof – Hollanda 700 II Comfort
  • Full Feature Inbuilt Auto Sunroof – SolAire 5300 Series
  • Standard Inbuilt Auto Sunroof – SolAire 4300 Series
  • Hollanda 700 II Entry Series
  • Full Feature Spoiler Series – Hollanda 300
  • Standard Spoiler – Hollanda 300
  • Economy Spoiler Series – SolAire 3200/3400 Series
  • Hollanda 100 Auto Sunroofs

We proudly serve all of Houston Texas area with a wide range of auto sunroof installation, replacement and repairs. We will promptly work with you to get your car, truck, SUV or van back on the road in no time. We are fully licensed, insured and are a Texas registered auto sunroof facility. Our certified technicians offer quality and reliable services that you can count on.All of our highly trained, experienced technicians are fully updated on the latest installation techniques and materials; We are also a registered AGRSS replacement and installation company. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction but most importantly you and your family’s safety is our concern. Your auto sunroof is more than just a window.If your auto sunroof needs to be replaced, it’s a matter of safety. Call us today at 832-217-0430 and we will install a new sunroof for your car today. No appointment necessary.

Our Specialty Auto Sunroofs include:

  • WHollanda TVS 900
  • Hollanda 500 Auto Sunroofs
  • Hollanda 400 Auto Sunroofs
  • Call us today at 832-217-0430. Get $100 discount on new Auto Sunroof Installation

After Market Sunroof ReplacementWhether you are looking for a factory sunroof replacement, or after market hard to find auto sunroof or existing sunroof installation and replacement, we have you covered. We install and replace all auto sunroofs using only the highest quality power sunroofs and all come with warranty.

We service or repair all makes and models of auto sunroofs. Contact us today to learn more at 832-217-0430.
  • Auto power sunroofs all makes and models
  • In-built electric sunroof
  • Spoiler electric sunroofs
  • Factory-installed Sunroofs
  • One button electric operation
  • Pop-up sunroofs
  • Sunroof maintenance and repair
  • We carry new and used factory sunroofs
  • Sunroof replacement and repairs
All auto sunroof installations are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which meets or exceeds all competitors and insurance company warranties. call us today at 832-217-0430.